Putin’s main messages

“The West threatened Russia”: justifying the war unleashed against Ukraine, continuing to
push traditional propaganda narratives targeting Russians, manifesting the image of the

“Mentioning Ukrainian cities that were liberated by the Soviet army in WW2”: emphasis on a
common past, a single country, the embodiment of the image of one people

“Russia reacted, it was a forced measure”: convincing people in the correctness and
inevitability of the war unleashed against Ukraine for the sake of “saving Russia and the

“Protection of our historical lands in the Donbas”: articulation of Russia’s territorial claims.
At a minimum, it can be the annexation of Donbas, and at the maximum, Russia will try to
grab whatever it can.

“Russia is a unique country”: postulating the thesis about the exclusivity of the Russians and
Russia, their right to impose their opinion onto other nations.